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Energy Independence
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Energy Independence
& Ownership

Solar power install

Prompt Service
& Turnkey Installations


True Texas Solar Emphasizes
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This allows your family to rest assured that we will be here throughout the installation process, and long after the project is complete.​

Why is Solar Power
Better for Texans?


Bask in the benefits of solar and energy storage in Texas. We are the 4th sunniest state in the USA making Texans prime candidates for solar systems. 

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Solar Power Price Drop

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Higher Electric Bills in Texas

We see benefits even more so in solar pricing, as Texas solar and storage have seen a massive price drop of -49% over the last five years. With Texas residential electric bills almost 20% higher than the national average, there is not a better time than now to combat utility power, by creating and storing your own renewable energy at home. 

Texas Offers Excellent
Incentive Programs


We’re here to ensure you can gain energy independence and security while getting the most out of the incentives, tax credits, and solar rebate programs that Texas offers. 

Rebate Programs

You may be eligible to get a cash rebate of up to $2,500 for installing solar today.


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